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We are a full service Alternative Personal Development group of Specialists

Who we are

She is - Sage de la Sagesse our resident Psychic. He is - Cael the Shaman. They both have been working together as partners and as coworkers for over 10 yrs bringing premium and profound spiritual services to many!

Their motto is to live true authentic lives. "That's how we came up with the name "Living Magic" - Cael.

"We aim to demystify things that have been shrouded in secret from those seeking to work on themselves to be better humans." - Sage.

What we do

Psychic Services

For 30+ years combined, we have been a source of comfort, inspiration, and clarity for thousands of clients. Our resident psychic was born with this gift that she continues to share with those who genuinely need help to see a better path to a  successful life!

Shamanic Services

There are times in life when the calm and peaceful approach just doesn't work. Sadly not all humans  are ok with others succeeding. With Cael's help you can find protection, peace, healing, break free of old habits, experience manifesting wealth and success.

Personal Development

We push for the preservation and integrity of knowledge. We have learned how to teach the skills we hold dear as 1-on-1 classes and the occasional workshop. We also have adhoc classes available as 1-on-1 Zoom Classes!

We are developing a robust online platform for easier access

What people say about us

Extremely recommended. They are kind individuals with real gifts and abilities. I thank them for helping me out when I was seeking answers to unresolved questions. Definitely worth it

- Jennifer C

In a world where many become an expert after just a weekend workshop, it’s refreshing to find a generational master of magic. Garland brings a profound level of knowledge to all his services and classes, I highly recommend him!

- Chandler A

I was absolutely flabbergasted when I met Garland, not to be cliche, but i could sense a power in him that i had rarely felt before. it was true Divine timing, our session was intense and full of magick, since then i've been releasing a lot of crap holding me back. Never thought i would feel this light again.

- Megan G

He is a-mazing. I have always wanted to go talk to a shaman and was referred to him by a friend. I was totally open to what he had to share with me. In just a short time from our session my life has drastically changed. What was a source of confusion and frustration around me, he made clear and now I am running in the direction I was meant to be.

- Kara H

I highly recommend Living Magic. They are my go-to when I need help.

I don't need help a lot, but when I do, I know that Living Magic is reliable and very capable. To me, that's worth the world.

- Michieal O

Garland is very passionate about his craft of healing. He is so knowledgeable and he makes it very easy for you to get a light bulb moment. You will walk away feeling empowered and energized. I am proud to call Garland my teacher, mentor, healer and friend x

- Susan McE

Garland helped me come to some deep, revealing truths about myself, and he gently led the way there, with kindness, but honest insight. The magic from what was gleaned from my experience with him, is still illuminating fascinating aspects for me years later.

I also had the opportunity to work through some of his exercises on working with your senses, and it was absolutely life changing!

- Kimberly B

Garland is thoughtful and sensitive and transparent I trust the guy and I trust what he has done for us and how he helped us ! Thank you!!

- Malika L

Garland has helped me in so many ways and has been a great mentor and support for my spiritual journey. Garland was able to help me address spiritual which had been plaguing me, issues that years of conventional therapy couldn’t help. I needed to reset and Garland helped me do it and guides me through the process. My life is so much better because of the work we did together.

- Kade D

It's a great way to help put yourself back into place in every aspect. I find it an amazing relief for myself and I'm sure others would feel the same. Nothing but good comes from what you do so keep at it!

- Dayton M

Mr Headley is wonderful at all he does. He is compassionate, caring and healing. I would visit him weekly if he were closer to my home. Much more than worth the time and the cost.

- Brenda MD

Thank you so much for all the help that you have giving me . I am so greatful for all the time and knowledge that you have spent with me.

- Chef Stacks

Garland is intuitive, personable, and highly skilled. He is informed in many practices, and applies what works best for each individual to achieve positive results.

- Emma J

Garland was very helpful, intuitive and kind. He's great at what he does. i look forward to having a reading from his wife soon.

- Ruby E

What do I recommend about Living Magic? Loaded question… be prepared to be trained by the real deal. If you want a bunch of fluff and nonsense this is not who you want to work with. If you want to see change in your life, challenge yourself to new heights, and be real all while getting supported but never coddled, then don't look back. My life will never be the same and I'm still working on all the knowledge, tools, and guidance I was given!

- Toni F

I met DeAnna and Garland over 5 years ago. I have had readings from both of them.

The readings I got were very informative and highly resonated with me. They were spot on with the situations in my life.

They have a wealth of information and knowledge, and are my go to for any help I need. The information that I have received has never steered me wrong. I come to value their insights and friendship.

It has been my honor to have met both of them. I am so grateful

for their guidance.

I consider these

two to be part

of my soul tribe and I value their friendship.

- Debbie S

Garland was my professor for a lil while & he was one of my favorite professors at that!! He is always available for you & is amazing at what he does!! 10 out 10 recommend!!! Looking for a shaman, or a psychic? Then you have reached the right person. Garland & his wife can help!

- Diamondess

Our Conversations

Have you ever wished you were that fly on the wall to hear what spiritual people talk about when they're not providing their services?

We've decided to do just that, for you!

My name is Cael The Shaman and my wife's name is Sage de la Sagesse.

We've practiced spirituality for over 30 years combined! Welcome!

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